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Our technicians are standing by to assist.


How trust worthy are your technicians?

All our technicians have shown their loyalty over time as they have an invested interest in SDS. As a new customer you will be met personally by one of our managers who will oversee that your requests be completed to your satisfaction.

How do I know they work for you?

Site inspections prior to work commencing will be accompanied by technicians branding laminated identification for authenticity. You will be informed prior on arrival to commence work as to the number and names of the technicians.

If I’m a regular client, do I get the same team?

We are a people pleasing family so it would be beneficial to ensure you have a team you are familiar with.

Do I get a discount for repeated service? 

Our pricing is very competitive and repeated customers become family. Further discounts can be negotiated on contractual services and referrals on establishing new cliental.


Nicky Whitehead

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Johnny Steenkamp

Operations Executive

Cape Town
066 221 2525
3 Scheckter Road,
Killarney Gardens,
Cape Town,